Canary Islands

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The Canary Islands are regarded by this wiki as part of Spain.

However, like Catalonia, they are regarded as sufficiently autonomous and unusual that they have long had their own category.


The Canary Islands - Spanish: Islas Canarias, Berber: Taknara - are a Spanish archipelago which, in turn, forms one of the 17 autonomous communities of Spain, and an Outermost Region of the European Union. The archipelago is located just off the northwest coast of mainland Africa, 100 km west of the disputed border between Morocco and the Western Sahara.

The status of capital city is shared by the cities of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which in turn are the capitals of the provinces of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas. The third city of the Canary Islands is San Cristóbal de La Laguna (City World Heritage Site) on the island of Tenerife.

The population of the Canary Islands is just over 2 million.

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