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Campus NooA describes itself as "The International Learning Mall for Online Courses". It was formerly called the Nordic online Academy

Its aim is to become "An international Learning Mall for Online Courses". It is working to develop a multilingual learning community which:

  • provides students with much flexibility and much learning value for their money
  • is accredited in several countries
  • recruits students from many countries
  • provides courses at least in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian
  • is among the largest Nordic providers of online courses
  • is an attractive partner for individuals and businesses that develop, translate and sell online courses

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There is a catalogue of its online courses at

These include courses in English, in particular

  • Certificate in online teaching (a course about online teaching and course creation). The course is obligatory for NooA’s course creators and teachers. It provides hands-on knowledge about how it is to be a student and a teacher at NooA.
  • Cooperative Freedom and Transparency in Online Education

There are also courses in other languages.

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> Europe

> Virtual schools