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The Canadian Virtual University (CVU) is a group of leading Canadian universities specialising in online and distance education programmes. CVU consists of 11 universities, and has a catalogue of over 2500 courses and 350 programmes.

The Canadian Virtual University ®(CVU) is essentially an online partnership of universities across Canada . The CVU is an example of a virtual campus that acts only as an administrative body. Its goals are: • to simplify the process of identifying accredited online and distance programs; • to provide access to new online and distance programs jointly developed by partner universities; • to provide a clearing house allowing learners to mix and match courses offered by partner universities; • to facilitate transfers of credits among its partners; • to conduct research on individualized and collaborative learning and the use of information communication technologies; • to create efficiencies through sharing of ideas and resources and through joint purchasing; • to provide an efficient system for admissions, course registration, advising students, and for grade notification and recording; and • to minimize selected non-tuition costs to students.

CVU members are:

The CVU web site is

While several types of programs are offered via the partnering institutions, the courses within the programs are not all delivered at a distance. It is necessary for each student to register with a 'home' institution, using the CVU to help coordinate credit management and mobility. With a mandate to facilitate transfer of credit and to provide an efficient system for admissions and course registration, the CVU is also developing processes to offer economical administrative services to students.

While the main benefit of the CVU appears to be easy access to a wider range of course choices than would be available through a single institution, its stated goals surpass the current scope of its activities.

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