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CMEC - English: Council of Ministers of Education, Canada; French: Conseil des ministres de l'Éducation (Canada) - is an intergovernmental body founded in 1967 by ministers of education from the provinces and territories of Canada to serve as:

  • a forum to discuss policy issues
  • a mechanism through which to undertake activities, projects, and initiatives in areas of mutual interest
  • a means by which to consult and cooperate with national education organizations and the federal government
  • an instrument to represent the education interests of the provinces and territories internationally

All 13 provinces and territories are members.

CMEC provides leadership in education at the pan-Canadian and international levels and contributes to the fulfilment of the constitutional responsibility for education conferred on provinces and territories.

Its web site is at

There is also a list of Provincial and Territorial Departments and Ministries Responsible for Education in Canada

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