CAmpus Numerique en Economie-GEstion

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Name: CANEGE (Campus Numérique Économie et Gestion)

Disciplines: CANEGE is an e-campus that propose programs in:

  • Economics
  • Management

Web site:


CANEGE is a French consortium of 6 French institutes (Université Paris-Dauphine, Université Paris-Sud, Université Grenoble2, Université Nice-Sophia, Université Nancy2, IAE Paris), in partnership with CNED.

CANEGE is defined by a convention and is under the authority of an executive committee (annual meeting for the presidents) and animated by a steering committee (monthly meeting for 3 people per institutes).

Program offering:

  • Program with diploma (with modules of 50-60 h and ECTS)
    • License (1 license offered)
    • Masters (2 masters are offered)
  • Program without diploma: continuing education only.


The pedagogy is based on open and distance training:

  • Resources are available online
  • Within the form of interactives and multimedia materials
  • Case studies, test, exercises
  • Documentary services.
  • e-Coaching by a tutor, via a Web-CT platform and regroupments

CNED insures the logistic:

  • Web site for presentation of the CANEGE programs, partners, help students, methological support, pre-inscription.
  • Platform with administration on it.
  • Management and administration of servers and network equipment.
  • Co-production of modules and e-course.

Constitution of the consortium :

  • Université Paris-Dauphine
  • Université Jean Monnet Paris-Sud (Sceaux)
  • Université Nancy 2
  • Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis
  • Université de Grenoble Pierre Mendès-France
  • IAE de Paris

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