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The University of Technology and Economics, the second largest university in Hungary, established in 1997 its Distance Education Centre. It is a member of the largest European distance education association, the European Distance and ELearning Network (EDEN), the most comprehensive European association in open and distance learning ( Further the Centre co-ordinates the work of the BME Professional Advisory Body for Adult Learning. ELearning is predominantly centralised in the University. The Distance Education Centre of the University is the main centre of eLearning. The Centre has expertise on activities related to distance education especially course development. It developed all together 12 teacher further distance education courses accredited by the Ministry of Education. The Centre has participated effectively in a high number of European Union projects and national projects.

The University of Techology and Economics main office is in Budapest, Hungary. The University hosts the Secretariat of EDEN.

The University of Technology and Economics web site is at

Web-based training is available for teaching staff responsible for conducting eLearning classes and for learners to become proficient with the technology used to support the eLearning environment. ELearning course/programmes are developed in partial accordance with the European Credit Transfer System ‘Information Package/Course Catalogue’ checklist and transfer.

The majority of eLearning activity is provided in a blended mode. The Institution does not have a defined eLearning Strategy.

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