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In Pick&Mix release 1 (including 1.0 and 1.2 as used during the Pilot) the concept was introduced of broad versions of criteria. This was originally envisaged as relevant to the issue of the flexible boundary between e-learning and learning & teaching in general - and perhaps as a way of avoiding endless debate on the boundary. These were called the bis criteria.

After the end of the Pilot this was extended to broaden the more IT system-oriented criteria (usability, reliability, etc) to cover all IT not only the subsystems focussed on e-learning - these were called the ter criteria.

As an example, the following Pick&Mix criterion 13 on Planning contains as its level 5 "best practice" statement:

  • Integrated annual planning process for e-learning integrated with overall course planning

The bis criterion broadens this out to:

  • Integrated annual planning process for learning and teaching within overall annual planning and some links to IT and space planning

Similar broadenings apply to the other levels in each of these criteria.

A document describing the bis broadenings is available, currently only for Pick&Mix 2.0 beta 1 - but it would be easy to extend.

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