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Benchmarking Menu

  1. What's Benchmarking of e-Learning?
  2. The e-learning Benchmarking Pilot Sites restructured November 2007
  3. The e-learning Benchmarking Phase 1 Sites restructured November 2007
  4. The e-learning Benchmarking Phase 2 Sites updated May 2007, July 2007 (Pick&Mix and eMM blogs), and October 2007 (other blogs and name changes); restructured November 2007
  5. The Communications framework (internal to the programme) and dissemination (external)
  6. The Consultants and (other) Dramatis personae updated May and October 2007; restructured November 2007
  7. Evaluation updated July-August 2007 with EDSuT details
  8. Methodologies Index updated December 2006 and May 2007, minor update August 2007
  9. Glossary updated January, March, April, and May, with major update July-August 2007 - now over 160 entries
  10. Other information sources about Benchmarking e-Learning (in Higher Education in the UK)
  11. Benchmarking in other Countries (and in English FE) - updated Sept-Oct 2007, August 2008
  12. Individual HEI Final Public Benchmarking Reports and Bibliography of benchmarking updated April 2009

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