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Beirut University Online (BUonline) claims to be the first Distance Learning academic institution in the Middle East, starting online activity in 1998. It offers fully online degree education.

Its mission is "to bring quality education to the Arab World".

It is a private institution, sponsored by the Institute for Higher Education, a non-profit organization registered in Lebanon, in accordance with the Civil Code of Lebanon, article 844, issued on April 11, 1932.

Beirut University Online's main office is presumed to be in Beirut, Lebanon. It also operates an internship centre in the Lebanon Mountains, where students, faculty and staff spend parts of the summer attending required academic and professional internship programmes.

The Beirut University Online web site is at

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Founded in 1994, the University limited its academic activities to research and consultations. During 1998, "Distance Learning" academic programs were added to BUonline's academic activities, covering the areas of business administration, computer sciences, health sciences and environment studies. The University emphasizes scholarly pursuits that encourage self-motivation, freedom of thought and social responsibility.

The academic program is fully online, computer-driven, internet-hosted instructional procedure. In addition, periodic residency sessions are held for all registered students.

BUonline's commitment is to growth, innovation and the development of most advanced academic opportunities for the people it serves.

The relationship to Beirut University is not clear but it is presumed to be a Virtual Campus outgrowth of that university.

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