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Beijing Normal University (BNU) is one of the most active universities in China in the field of e-learning.

It is the subject of one of four Chinese case studies in the report Network-based distance education in Chinese universities by Yanlai Deng, published in 2005.

Its web site is

BNU is a MELI, with a central initiative based in the School of Network Education - see

Beijing Normal University was founded in 1902 as the first teacher-training Institution in China. It is now ranked among the top comprehensive universities in China. The faculties and research centres in BNU cover almost every discipline from arts to sciences. BNU is dedicated to international academic exchange and coopera-tion. It has established ongoing relationships with over 100 foreign universities and international organizations. Over 10,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students are enrolled, plus 8,000 distance-learning and 10,000 e-learning students.

School of Network Education

The School of Network Education at BNU was established in 2000. It bears the following mission in mind:

  • To accelerate teacher education through e-learning
  • To promote cultural exchange
  • To be a leader in the e-learning trend in China.

The School of Network Education's objectives in 2-3 years are:

  • To focus on teacher education and training while expanding to other fields such as law and human resources:
  • To build up a nationwide business network, thus increasing market share
  • To promote international cooperation
  • To strengthen its quality management and support systems.

The School of Network Education functions as the centre of all operational activities, which include:

  • Planning the programs to be offered
  • Sourcing suitable lecturers within or outside of BNU
  • Organizing the development of e-learning courseware packages
  • Transmitting courseware packages to learners and/or to local study centres
  • Providing managing and counselling services for learners.

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