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The Bangladesh Open School is one of the largest among the six faculties of the Bangladesh Open University in respect to the number of students enrolled, by some accounts amounting to half the total number of students.

Any person has the opportunity to be admitted irrespective of his/her age, gender and profession in any programme of the School. At present the school is offering two programmes:

  1. Secondary School Certificate (SSC)
  2. Higher Secondary Certificate (H0SC)

These are equivalent to National Secondary and Higher Secondary programs prevailing in Bangladesh but are for are for "aged, disadvantaged and working people". There appears to be no data on the ages of the students

The school has also plan to launch more programmes in future.

There are also two Non Formal Programmes:

  1. Basic Science
  2. Mathematics

The Bangladesh Open School does not have its own web site and references with content are scanty.

See in particular


Little use of ICT in their distance learning provision?

However, note that in the 2006-07 period, there was a

"three-month capacity-building project at the Bangladesh Open School [which] was successfully completed with the training of 25 staff members who have developed 26 lessons on WikiEducator, which are also available in print format." (COL 2008)


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