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Welcome to BELA!

(updated November 2015)
This is the Wiki site for schemes for benchmarking and quality in e-learning in UK, EU, USA, Sweden, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and around the world. It is particularly important now that EFQUEL has ceased to function.

It is based on the benchmarking pages of the now-defunct HE Academy wiki - but with additions from Re.ViCa, VISCED and new work.

The work has been carried out by Paul Bacsich

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Other relevant publications

ICDE report on quality

See Global overview of quality in online and open education,, 21 May 2015

SEQUENT reports


Despite the closure of EFQUEL at the end of 2014, the web site is still available - at

However, browsers should take care that there is non-EFQUEL advertising and there may be spam content now on this site.

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