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The Australian National University (ANU) supports traditional and distance/online education. Detailed information is available on a per-department basis.

It is a public teaching and research university located in Canberra, Australia. It was established by an act of the Parliament of Australia in 1946.

In addition to the main campus in the centre of Canberra, there are four smaller campuses:

  • Mt Stromlo Observatory
  • Siding Spring Observatory
  • North Australia Research Unit
  • Kioloa

The ANU web site notes that, of 16,715 students as of 2008, the breakdown is as follows:

  • 9603 Undergraduates
  • 2620 Higher Degree Coursework
  • 2346 Higher Degree Research
  • 1904 Other Postgraduate
  • 246 Non-award


As noted by Wikipedia (access date: Aug. 3 2009):

In 2009 the ANU introduced a new framework to bring together the online systems and services used for teaching and learning. 'WATTLE' (Web Access To Teaching & Learning Environments) commenced with a pilot of Moodle for selected courses in first semester 2009. The system is being used to support flexible and distance education courses as well as conventional on campus education.

This represents a migration from longstanding use of WebCT.

The ANU Centre for Educational Development and Academic Methods provides pedagogical and technological training for its faculty/instructors, providing an institution-wide service support role to all seven ANU Colleges.

The ANU web site is at

> Australia
> Programmes