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The Athens University of Economics and Business (Oikonomiko Panepistimio Athinon; OPA, AUEB, or ASOEE) was founded in 1920 in Athens, Greece. Before 1989, the university was known as the Athens School of Economics and Business, and it is still known popularly in Greek by this former acronym.

AUEB is the leading Economics and Business university in Greece. It is the third oldest higher educational institute and the oldest in the fields of Economics and Business in Greece.

The Tele-education Centre of the Athens University of Ecomomics and Business has developed an application for the development of distance learning environment through the Lab of Business Information Technology. The pilot web courses in the asynchronous distance learning environment concern web courses for Internet and E-commerce, Database for Business applications, Principles for the design and Implementation of Information systems and Business Information Systems, specifically created to support the needs of executives.

The Tele-education Center is fully operational, serving the current needs of the Institution. The scope of the Tele-education Center is:

  • the supply of distance learning services to the University students, either by supporting the courses with additional distance learning material, or by giving the whole course with the use of the tele-education method;
  • the continuous education and training of executives, working in Greek organizations, public or private, free lancers and unemployed;
  • the export of distance learning services to other countries;
  • the operation of the Tele-education Center as a link for gathering the national resources concerning the education technology development and the education service supply.

During the last few years, a real-time multimedia, distance learning classroom has been created. This specially designed classroom can function either independently as a multimedia classroom, equipped with audiovisual and digital devices, which assist and improve educational process or as a virtual, distance learning classroom. The classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art network and audiovisual devices, which allows for full duplex communication among this and other classrooms. The design and the equipment of the classroom enables high interaction among participants of a course delivered simultaneously in different classrooms, by simulating all operations taking place in a traditional classroom, thereby creating a virtual classroom.

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