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The Arab States comprise North Africa and the Arab Middle East.

OER in Arab States

Policies Survey notes:

Of the Arab States that responded to the questionnaire, Morocco appears to be most active in the OER movement. The Ministry of National Education created the National Laboratory of Digital Resources, which produces and collates digital educational resources, some of which are OER. There are also several other projects in this field in Morocco. For example, the Korea International Cooperation Industry project produces digital resources that are free to access and use for scientific disciplines at the secondary education level in partnership with Al Akhawayn University in Morocco. There is also a Unit for the Promotion of Software and Open Educational Resources at the Moroccan-Korean Centre of ICT Training, which was created with the main objective of promoting the use of software and OER to support the national policy of widespread use of these technologies through the GENeralization of Information Technologies and Communication in Education (GENIE) programmeby offering very low-cost, and often free, ICT solutions.
The Kingdom of Bahrain also has a digital learning repository hosting OER that encourages content-sharing and collaboration and reports on using CC licences. Lebanon is developing a strategy called One Tablet per Child that could be extended to include OER.

Given the few responses from this region by the cut-off date and the varied focuses, it is not possible to draw conclusions about where the main OER activity per educational subsector lies in the Arab States.

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