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Ankara University is a comprehensive public university located in the capital of the nation. Being the first higher education institute of the Republic, it has established a reputable image both within the country and in the international arena, with its vast experience for 50 years, its highly qualified academic staff and students, and its well established teaching, learning and research facilities.

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The initiative is headquartered in Ankara, which is in Turkey, in the region of Ankara Province.
The initiative is led by Ankara University.
Latitude and longitude = 39° 56' 5" N, 32° 50' 2" E

ISCED levels =
The initiative is of type OER
The hashtag is ankaraedutroec

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Has cityAnkara +
Has coordinates39° 56' 5" N, 32° 50' 2" ELatitude: 39.934811
Longitude: 32.833819
Has countryTurkey +
Has hashtagankaraedutroec +
Has ownerAnkara University +
Has regionAnkara Province +
ItypeOER +