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The Andrew Jackson University (AJU) supports purely online distance education, offering multiple certificates and degrees in the US.

Founded in 1994, it initially offered paper-based correspondence courses. In 2006 it moved the bulk of its curriculum online. AJU offers three master's degrees, three bachelor's degrees, five associate's degrees and twenty certificate programmes, in subjects such as Criminal Justice, Addiction Studies, and Business. An Executive MBA is available as well.

Its mission is to provide relevant education of the highest quality at a reasonable cost to working adults who seek career advancement and a "more fulfilling life experience". The university also seeks to "address the learning requirements of specific professions that are underserved by mainstream academia."

The AJU motto is: Take Education Anywhere.

Andrew Jackson University's main office is in Birmingham, Alabama, US.

The Andrew Jackson University web site is at

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Courses are offered via the Moodle-based "myClassroom" online system. Webcams and microphones are required for course enrollment, and in particular to enable webcam-based exam proctoring via Tokbox Inc/ProctorU. - see for details.

Students also receive video feedback from their instructors via Tokbox (see recent article at

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