Albanian Public Agency for accreditation of Higher Education

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The Public Agency for accreditation of Higher Education (PAAHE) in Albania was established under the decision of Council of Ministers No. 303, dated 01.07.1999. The main task and duty of PAAHE is to evaluate Higher Schools (i.e. higher education institutions) in Albania.

In Albanian its name is Agjencia Publike e Akreditimit të Arsimit të Lartë (APAAL).

PAAHE is a public state-funded institution, which is responsible to the Albanian Ministry of Education and Science. It is composed of 11 persons: the Director, 8 programme officers and 2 service persons.

The agency has the task and responsibility for the evaluations, prepares the evaluation criteria, procedures, performance indicators and standards and the whole documentation for the Council of Accreditation.

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