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The Aarhus University ( Aarhus Universitet, AU) supports blended learning with a LMS.

The mission of Aarhus University is to ensure and develop knowledge, welfare and culture through research and research-based education, knowledge dissemination and external advice. The vision of Aarhus University is to belong to the elite of universities and to contribute to the development of national and global welfare via outstanding research and world-class degree programmes.

The university was founded in 1928. In 2008, the entire Aarhus University had approximately 35,000 students and 8,500 members of staff.

The university’s main office is in Aarhus, Denmark. Other departments are located over many towns and cities: Askov, Flakkebjerg, Foulum, Herning, Horsens, Jels, Jyndevad, Kalø, Klim, Copenhagen, Mønsted, Roskilde, Rønbjerg, Sandbjerg, Silkeborg, Aalborg, Århus, Årslev.

Aarhus University conducts flexible part-time Master’s degree programmes pursuant to the regulations contained in the Danish Act on further education for adults (“VFV-loven”) and the Executive Order on further education for adults (“VFV-bekendtgørelsen”).

Aarhus University also co-established the online 2-year part-time master "Master in ICT and Learning (MIL)".

AULA is AU’s e-learning platform as mentioned on the sub site dedicated to e-learning in which AULA is explained. You can see a visual representation of a registration in this demo. Furthermore, manuals for teachers and students are accessible in English under the Support for AULA page

Aarhus University is also building a media archive, where teachers and researchers can publish video, audio and multimedia materials for primary teaching. This includes podcasting.

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Aarhus University’s web site is at http://www.au.dk/en


Aarhus University is a partner in VISCED.

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