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We are a higher technical institute that specializes in bilingual professional-technical Training in high technology fields following the technical college model. Information Technology, Multimedia, Mechatronics, Software engineering and the ITLA Language School are our current specializations. Our mission is to train human capital in high technology, through innovative and highly specialized programs, creating in them an entrepreneurial spirit, high ethical values and committed to national development.

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The initiative is headquartered in Santo Domingo, which is in Dominican Republic, in the region of Santo Domingo National District.
The initiative is led by Instituto Tecnologico de Las Americas (ITLA, Las Americas Institute of Technology).
Latitude and longitude = 18° 27' 4" N, 69° 39' 46" W

ISCED levels = 4;5;6
The initiative is of type OER
The hashtag is itlaedudooec

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