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eing the first institution in Latin America to create graduation courses in Public and Business Administration, FGV graduated in the middle of the 50's the first classes of business administration in the region, at the then existing Brazilian Public Administration School (formerly known as EBAP, currently EBAPE) and the Sao Paulo Business School (EAESP). Currently, these two units and all the others that belong to the Foundation's universe, perpetuate this tradition at their graduation courses in administration and economy, as well as post-graduation courses such as in Social Sciences and Law. Its schools, in various regions of the country, are recognized also abroad, maintaining joint programs with important institutions, as well as advanced teaching centers.

For details see http://www5.fgv.br/fgvonline/CursosGratuitos.aspx

The initiative is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, which is in Brazil, in the region of Rio de Janeiro State.
The initiative is led by [[]].
Latitude and longitude = 22° 56' 30" S, 43° 10' 48" W

ISCED levels = 4;5;6
The initiative is of type OER
The hashtag is fgvonlineoec

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