D6.6 Activities with decision makers

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Delivery date: February 2014 (public)

Nature: Report; Event

Language versions: English

Target languages:

In addition to the IAC workshops, a number of 1:1 meetings will be scheduled with the following:

  1. Key officials from Ministries of Education in key partner countries (UK/England, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary)
  2. Key officials from leading national IT agencies in key partner countries (including JISC and SURFNET)
  3. Decision-makers from key international organizations - UNESCO, European Schoolnet (EUN), EADTU etc.

The aim will be to seek their views in a more discreet forum than the IAC meetings and to encourage convergence of their views with project aims, and vice versa.

There is proof of concept in that the project bid has already benefited from a meeting with the Head of Technology Policy at one of the four Ministries to be involved.

Liaison with the experts in the Technical Subcommittee will be primarily by teleconference.


See the report File:POERUP D6.6 Activities with decision makers v1.0.pdf