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(These Deliverables are mainly of interest to other OER and LLP projects)


Month 1 thru Month 30 (30 months)

POERUP's objectives demand a very broad dissemination since its outputs, activities and results are aimed at the global OER research associates, managers and stakeholders and International, European, National and Regional policy advisors across all educational sectors. EDEN, which coordinates this work package, is an important and pervasive network of universities, colleges, adult education institutions, schools and their partners in education and training. EDEN has many strategic contacts in the domain of virtual learning, distance education and OER. Extensive use will also be made of the other partners' contacts.

For both internal and external promotion, this work package will design a project logo, website and flyer, which will be adapted when the need occurs.

Dissemination activities will consist of presence at events, discussion sessions (key meetings), mailing lists, web 2.0 techniques, articles and press releases. We will also disseminate through the following existing international and regional networks in which one or more of the POERUP partners participate: VISCED, BALTECH, EADTU, EDEN , SPACE, MENON, Edineb, SEFI, EUA, EUN and also national networks.

This WP will also be responsible for conferences: in particular for the presence of POERUP at EDEN (June 2012 and June 2013) and Online Educa Berlin (December 2012 and 2013). Several discussion sessions with different stakeholders will be organized at these events. In addition to these, the 2013 ICDE conference will be targeted (if in Europe) and of course specific OER conferences especially those where policy-makers are to be present. Much international communication will be in English, but national and local (especially institutional) communication will be preferably in the relevant language and an aim is also to present at international Hispanophone and Francophone conferences.

All participating institutions have considerable expertise in dissemination of large scale projects at regional, national and international levels through developing and maintaining project websites and publicity materials, organising workshops and media coverage, participating in networks and membership organisations, presenting at conferences and publishing widely.

Several partners in the project have their own links with international networks through which they can address a larger target group for the project outcomes. Several staff at partners are frequent keynote speakers at events and this will also assist to drive home the message.

Different partners in the project have also particular responsibilities in more regional networks, through well established links with a number of institutions. It is envisaged that through this kind of natural relationships the POERUP project results will find their way to a broader spectrum of institutions and stakeholders that could benefit from the project outcomes.

Third Country Partner (Athabasca)

Prepare and present the "European" aspect of POERUP at one conference in Canada.

Participate in two virtual conference events connected with POERUP.

(Note that Athabasca will attend IAC workshop 3 at Online Educa 2013 (WP6) and this may also allow a presentation at Educa.)

Please explain how the overall project management will be implemented

Partners other than the WP leader and Evaluator have been given the exact same allocation of staff time and travel funds for dissemination. Past experience has shown that this avoids many complaints about "fairness".

Of course it is not expected that partners will deliver the exact same results as so much depends on the size of the partner country, its approach to OER policy, and also linguistic factors.

All partners have substantial networks through their own activities, augmented by further networks developed via projects. Thus it is felt best to leave them generally to make their own best decisions about how and where to disseminate, within some general guidelines - in particular to play to their strengths, such as ability to gain invitations, ability at Twitter, reach of their wikis and so on.

The role of the WP leader is to set strategies, supply templates and maintain a close watch on the shifting pattern of upcoming conferences, ensuring that partners are alerted in good time - and that any disputes are resolved quickly yet fairly and realistically.

Explanation of work package expenditures

Each partner is expected to go to 1 international conference and 1 national conference during the project lifetime. Therefore travel and subsistence + registration fee are foreseen for 1 person per partner for these two events. Registration fees are estimated at a fixed number of euros per partner (see above narrative on project management). It is expected that charismatic partners and high-profile people within them will find non-project travel funds to go to other conferences to talk about POERUP.

Flyers: A certain sum is foreseen for print and reprint of flyers.

Domain names and website: allocation made.