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Month 1 thru Month 30 (30 months)

Sero will be responsible for project coordination and will provide all daily management and monitoring support for all planned activities. It will ensure that deadlines are met and deliverables produced in accordance with the contract, the project timetable, the quality framework and the budget limitations. University of Leicester will provide the main interface with the EC with regard to this project.

The project structure and management approach will contribute to the timely delivery of expected results. All partners will be involved in a substantial way in the different work packages. For each work package a work package leader is appointed.

Sero will stimulate all partners to deliver results as defined by their own role, and will foster collaboration amongst partners through a highly participatory approach based on strong and experienced project management backed up with suitable and fit-for purpose project management tools and professional services. In particular it will foster a culture of internal peer review of project outputs.

A project management team, made up of representatives of the different partners, will meet on a regular basis to guarantee complete fulfilment of project tasks and objectives and to assure the project progress according to schedule and within budget. Four partner meetings will be organised - with an extra one if some unexpected event occurs. Meetings will be used to assess progress; to collect partners' opinions as to how the project is measuring up to its objectives; to monitor internal project progress throughout the different phases and activities; to guarantee successful completion of project tasks and objectives; and to establish procedures for improvement and adjustment when/where necessary.

In between (physical) meetings the project management team will communicate electronically. Communication and collaboration will be supported with various (conferencing) tools - in particular a wiki and audio/video conferencing. Sero will set up a project management wiki and "underwiki" (a private wiki and files repository just for partners, http://www.virtualcampuses.eu/index.php/Underwiki) especially for this project. An appropriate social networking tool will be chosen, depending on the preferences of partners and EACEA and the offers from technology providers active at the time the project starts - this will be for confidential discussions.

Third Country Partner (Athabasca)

Attend partner meetings - first and last project meetings only (unless attendance at others can be resourced from non-project funds).

However, Athabasca will play a full part in the electronic communication and document sharing systems, including the wiki, set up by POERUP.

Monitor its budget.

Task own institution.

Please explain how the overall project management will be implemented

Sero will stimulate all partners to take up their own role, and foster collaboration amongst partners through a participatory approach based on experienced management backed up with fit-for purpose management tools. To allow decentralised management, POERUP is subdivided into work packages. WP leaders will be responsible for the WP activities, with regular support from the project manager and input from other partners. After agreement on the concrete tasks and timing during the kick-off meeting, each partner will sign a (sub-) contract with the applicant organisation, detailing their commitments, responsibilities and contractual obligations. Decisions on project activities will be discussed during face-to-face and online meetings, using this proposal as a guide.

Partners will be asked to report on a regular basis, using project-based templates. For document sharing, a confidential area on the project website will be created. A lot of collaborative work will be done using wikis.

Explanation of work package expenditurea

Staff budget

This is formula-based.

Travel budget

4 partner meetings for all partners (except for the host partner for each meeting).

The partner meetings will be at:

  1. Leicester, at the University
  2. Bologna (SCIENTER),
  3. Budapest (EDEN), and finally
  4. OUNL (for planning purposes we assume that the meeting is at OUNL HQ in Heerlen by Maastricht but it is possible that the OUNL office in Amsterdam might be more suitable).

For the first and last partner meeting it is planned that two delegates per partner attend. For the other two meetings this is not affordable but for meeting 2 the main research partners will bring two staff to Bologna. This provides a degree of resilience in case of unexpected situations.

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