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SIM University (UNISIM, UniSIM) was opened in 2005 as Singapore's first private university. The university is part of the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Group. UniSIM has both full-time and part-time students, and is dedicated to providing working professionals with the opportunity to upgrade their qualifications for lifelong employability. It also seeks to give adult learners the chance to acquire university degrees.

UniSIM is approved by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) to award recognised Singapore degrees. According to the UniSIM web site, from July 2008, MOE has subsidised higher education at UniSIM for eligible adult Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, as part of a national initiative to promote continuing education and training.

Per their web site:

Information technology features prominently in rendering our services anytime, anywhere – connecting our staff, students, members and customers to enhance the way lecturers teach, students learn and members interact.

However discrete online learning does not figure prominently in promotional materials.

The UniSIM web site is at

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