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This is the list for initiatives straddling more than one country and promoted by an international agency.

More precisely, an International initiative is a concept which is not in the UNESCO "Virtual Universities" classification scheme but is an extension ot its concept of a National initiative.

It refers to an initiative taken by a supranational political grouping or range of countries in a region - such as the European Union - to set up a programme focussed on e-learning in university-level institutions.

If the initiative involves more than one country but not many then it is not classified as an international iniatiative but as a multinational initiative.

If the initiative involves just one country or a region within that country then it is called a national initiative.

Very often the international initiative will set up a consortium or generate a newly created institution of a unique nature in the nations involved. This leads to some overlap of the UNESCO classifications.

  1. Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie
  2. Arab Open University
  3. Early Childhood Development Virtual University
  4. Inter-American distance education consortium
  5. Mediterranean Network of Universities
  6. Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization
  7. University of the Arctic
  8. University of the South Pacific
  9. University of the West Indies
  10. Université Virtuelle Francophone
  11. Virtual Global University

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