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Verkkoperuskoulu is a distance learning school for basic education, founded in 2002. Adults and those who do not belong to the compulsory education age-group can study the comprehensive school courses or whole syllabus.

Education is targeted to those who want to raise their grades or study courses that are not finished at all. It is a good choice for students who do not have an opportunity to study full time. Participating in Verkkoperuskoulu makes it easier to continue to the post-compulsory level of education.

Verkkoperuskoulu is owned by a non-political and non-religious Lahti Folk High School which was established in 1893 and is owned by a private foundation.

The following subjects are available at this school: mother tongue and literature, English, Swedish, history, social studies, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography and religion.

Average of 40 students take courses in Verkkokoulu every year. More than 60 % of these belong to age group 14 - 21.


Studying in Verkkoperuskoulu is multiform, yet most of the studies are performed via distance learning. The school has a learning environment where theory, exercises and returnable tasks are stored. Book can be borrowed from the school. Contact days are on Monday evenings and tests on Wednesday evenings. Students need to be active in order to manage the training.

Good to know

  • It takes two years to study the comprehensive school syllabus, if needed the time can be longer
  • Upgrading grades is possible during one school year
  • Students living far away can take tests in other training organizations
  • Each course contains 1,5 hours of contact training and 22 hours of independent distance learning. In addition each course contains an examination or other accomplishment
  • Nearly all theoretical subjects are possible to study via Verkkoperuskoulu
  • Arts, practical subjects or optional subjects cannot be taken in Verkkoperuskoulu
  • Verkkoperuskoulu follows the adult basic education syllabus
  • Personal study plans are vital because of different backgrounds and target of each student
  • Personal computer and internet connection are vital in order to succeed in studies