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The Universidade do Minho (University of Minho, UMinho) supports e-learning in all of its blended courses.

The university was founded in 1973.

UMinho has a student population of 16.000, out of which 1.900 are postgraduate students. The University has 1.200 teaching staff, of whom 850 hold a PhD, and 600 administrative and technical staff.

The University of Minho is organised in Schools and Institutes. These permanent organic units assure teaching, research and other specialised services in their respective field of scientific knowledge.

Main office is in Braga, Portugal.

The Universidade do Minho web site is http://www.uminho.pt/


The University of Minho established the department TecMinho/, which is aimed towards the training of eTeachers and the creation of an e-learning environment at University. TecMinho/ is the continuous training office of the University offering courses on eLearning pedagogy, technology and communication to the University’s teachers.

The University as a whole developed a strategy for eLearning. The work of TecMinho/ is carried out parallel with the work of the University’s service department to support informatics learning (SAPIA). SAPIA is responsible for the technological support to teachers in the use of the LMS. Currently, there are a large number of teachers using a platform named EASY and delivering disciplines through a traditional classroom setting and online solution.

All courses at the University are blended courses and are based on learning activities rather than on content. The learning design phase of the courses is the most important one were all the activities, together with the applied pedagogical approach, are first designed by the eTeacher (with the support of TecMinho/). The content to the courses are merely support tools for the learners’ activities..

Web URL of the eLearning at the university: http://www.elearning.tecminho.uminho.pt/

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