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The Universidad de Oviedo (la Universidad de Asturias or University of Oviedo, UNIOVI) supports e-learning through its Campus Virtual or Virtual Campus.

The Universidad de Oviedo was founded in 1608.

The institution’s main office is in Oviedo, Spain. Other campuses are located in Gijón and Mieres.

UNIOVI has a media library with a few excerpts that are published on its web page. The main objective of the Virtual Campus of the University of Oviedo (Campus Virtual) is to facilitate the training and preparation of students in a flexible environment and adaptable to your needs.

Since its launch in 1999, it has been a virtual community college in continuous progress and evolution that currently includes more than 2,000 subjects reaching 1,200 teachers and over 25,000 students.

The University of Oviedo web site is at http://www.uniovi.es/.

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