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The University Carlos III of Madrid (Universidad Carlos III Madrid, UC3M) supports e-learning through its Moodle platform and video-conferencing. The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid was founded in 1989 with the objective of providing an efficient, high quality public undergraduate and graduate education.

The institution’s main office is in Madrid, Spain. All 3 campuses are located in Madrid: Getafe Campus, Leganés Campus and the Colmenarejo Campus.

Its facts and figures are bundled in a Spanish PDF of about 680+ pages: http://www.uc3m.es/portal/page/portal/prog_mejora_calidad/la_universidad_en_cifras/CRUE_2008_0.pdf (2008).

It proudly states that its undergraduate program was the first in Spain to be fully adapted to the requirements of the European Higher Education Area (with regard to the Bologna Process).

UC3M has the portal "Campus Global" which houses student administration, course pages, .... Information is available in Spanish here and here.

There is also a link to the intranet for the for Computer Science Department) and UC3M offers part-time masters.

The University Carlos III of Madrid offers a Master in e-Learning Management and Production (see More Details

The University Carlos III web site is at http://www.uc3m.es.

More details

The University Carlos III of Madrid offers a Master in e-Learning Management and Production (in collaboration with the EducaRed Advanced Training Center (CEFA) of Fundación Telefónica) with which it wants to train people who are interested in directing, production and management of education and technology-assisted learning in its various forms and variations. Alternatives are studied, both educational and technological, that allow the design of learning processes and development of teaching materials based on the use of information technology and communications.

The delivery of the Master is done remotely through an e-learning platform. It is complemented with an initial phase of introduction and a final phase of conclusions, both weekly, consisting of a series of presentations during the afternoon. To facilitate the monitoring thereof, they are transmitted by video-conferencing.

For the development of the Master will use the e-learning platform educared of the Fundación Telefónica. "Through this platform you have access to the contents of the Master and many others. The contents of the Master's own platform includes educational materials for the various modules, podcasts featuring interviews with industry experts, discussion forums, activities and tasks. Other resources that students have access through the platform are: encyclopaedias and dictionaries, educational software, current news, educational resources, teaching innovation experiences, activities, etc. The educational content of the Masters is accompanied by the emission of vodcasts on issues of particular relevance or topics."

The University has signed a collaboration agreement with the Santander Bank group, creating the Carlos III of Madrid University-Santander Bank Group Chairs of Excellence for the period 2007-2010. These Chairs are aimed at funding the stage of 10 well-known researchers for a year (or 20 for six months) with an assignment of 120.000 euros (60.000 for six months stages).

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