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International University of La Rioja (UNIR) is a young online university in Spain founded on a global vision of education directly linked to companies and business. UNIR facilitates an exclusive, innovative and high quality virtual model of higher education, which leans on a personalized, pro-active, and collaborative online learning methodology. UNIR is established in compliance with the current regulations governing universities (100% open university), fulfilling all parameters and regulations of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).UNIR provides international courses, in two languages (English and Spanish), and comprises over 300 lecturers, along with a strong team of more than 400 professionals. Student number keeps increasing, surpassing this academic year 9000. UNIR has premises in Spain (Logrono and Madrid), Argentina (Buenos Aires), and Bolivia (Santa Cruz), and a number of collaboration agreements with Latin American universities.

For details see http://www.unir.net

The initiative is headquartered in Madrid, which is in Spain, in the region of Madrid Community.
The initiative is led by International University of La Rioja.
Latitude and longitude = 40° 27' 35" N, 3° 41' 22" W

ISCED levels = 5; 6
The initiative is of type OER
The hashtag is unirnetoec

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