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The Temple University Online Learning (OLL) Program offers fully online courses for distance learning. Per the Temple OLL web site:

The Online Learning (OLL) Program at Temple University is designed to give students more flexibility in when and how they attend classes, and to enable professionals to continue their education according to their own schedules. Courses are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and to continuing education students.

Courses are offered in mixed modes, and may use a combination of web, email, listservs, and videoconferences. Most are taught by full-time faculty members from Temple University. Students use Blackboard and Horizon Wimba.

Students who enrol in Temple's OLL classes need not be enroled previously at Temple University.

The Temple University web site is at http://oll.temple.edu/

More details

Temple University is a public research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Temple University was founded in 1884, and is the 28th largest university in the United States; the third largest provider of professional education in the country; and known for its programmes in law, education, media, business, health sciences, architecture, and music.

Temple University has over 300 degree programmes. Blackboard is in common use for supporting face-to-face courses. Computer labs and distance-learning-equipped classrooms are available throughout the various campuses - students may participate in a videoconference with the instructor at another campus.


See the Amazon listing at http://www.amazon.com/Distance-Education-Evolution-Issues-Studies/dp/B0002K7B14 for information about a book entitled The Distance Education Evolution: Issues and Case Studies - described as follows:

This diverse compilation of contributions by Temple University administrators and faculty gives a comprehensive overview of the distance education experience that can serve as a guide to others interested in providing quality distance education.

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