Southern California Consortium for Community College Television

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The Southern California Consortium for Community College Television supports online and distance learning for 15 Community College Districts representing 34 southern California community colleges.

INTELECOM serves as the managing and fiscal agent for this distance learning consortium, which was born from 18 member colleges in 1970. Member colleges receive a variety of consulting services related to their distance learning programs.

Distance learning courses, commonly referred to as telecourses, from INTELECOM integrate video lessons, a textbook, a distance learning study guide, an exam bank and faculty guide, and online content. The courseware is distributed through a variety of methods: public television (PBS); cable, ITFS, MDS, and satellite systems; video streaming; and campus course management systems, such as WebCT and Blackboard Inc. (sourced from Wapedia)

The INTELECOM Southern California Consortium for Community College Television web site is at - though this does not seem to have been updated in 2009. There does not seem to be another centralised resource.

More details

See for a list of courses and community college members.

INTELECOM also owns and operates the INTELECOM Online Resources Network, an online database of brief video clips that are streamed as part of online, hybrid and/or traditional classes.

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