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The Silesian University of Technology (Politechnika Śląska) supports distance learning through its Distance Learning Platform, or digital learning platform.

The Silesian University of Technology main office is in Gliwice, Poland. It consists of 12 faculties which are based in Gliwice, Katowice and Zabrze. It also includes a subsidiary Engineering Education Center in Rybnik. The Silesian University of Technology enrolls approximately 33,000 students.

The digital Learning Platform is based on modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment, represents LMS (Learning Management Systems) technology, a software package designed to help educators create quality online courses. Currently on Distance Learning Platform at the Silesian University of Technology are available over 520 online courses created for students of twelve University’s faculties.

The number of Distance Learning Platform users exceeds 12000. Distance Learning Platform works as typically asynchronous e-learning service, but in the future more synchronous e-learning services will be added. Distance Learning Platform has great potential to create a successful e-learning experience by providing a plethora of excellent tools that can be used to enhance conventional classroom instruction, in hybrid courses, or any distance learning arrangements.

The Silesian University of Technology web site is at

More information on the digital learning platform is available in this pdf file:$/sci/pdfs/QE165FV.pdf And more information also available on Wikipedia:

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