Samoa Qualifications Authority

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The Samoa Qualifications Authority (SQA) accredits post-secondary providers as a mechanism to ensure that the courses and programmes meet quality standards and adhere to the national qualification framework.

SQA was officially established in 2006 under the Samoa Qualifications Act 2006. SQA's functions were reviewed and enforced in the Samoa Qualifications Act 2010.

SQA is the principal organisation mandated to provide policy advice, coordinate, regulate qualifications and quality standards, promote links and learning pathways and quality assure Post School Education and Training (PSET) in Samoa, which refers to all learning activities that occur outside of the formal early childhood education, primary and secondary education school system, for formal as well as non-formal learning.

SQA coordinates and facilitates the development of National Qualifications Standards, provides a foreign qualification recognition service, and works towards international recognition of qualifications obtained in Samoa. The Authority also facilitates links and learning pathways between school sector and PSET sector, provides support to PSET Providers and manages the record of achievement.

Its website is

Its research and publications are available online at, including Samoa Qualification Framework and Policies.

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