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Professor Robin Mason was until June 2009 professor of educational technology at the UK Open University, a specialist in the design and practice of online teaching and learning. At the time of writing her reports, she was director of the Master’s Programme in Online and Distance Education at the UK Open University.

Her research interests centred on learning objects, the e-learning potential of broadband, and the processes and technologies of student-centred learning. Her most recent book is entitled The Connecticon: Learning for the Connected Generation and concerns the ways in which the Internet has changed the nature and content of learning.

In 2003 Robin was nominated Australian Scholar of the Year and toured the major universities of the country lecturing on the current state of e-learning.

Sad news

Professor Robin Mason died on Monday 15 June 2009 after a period of illness. There is a wiki site of tributes to her at

At present, pending some decisions, her Web site is still at

There is an obituary in The Guardian of 6 July 2009 - see

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