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The Rey Juan Carlos University (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, King John Charles University, URJC) offers purely online courses through its Campus Virtual URJC. It also supports face-to-face education with substantive e-learning offerings.

For 2009-2010, URJC will offer online degrees in Political Science and Public Administration, Law, and other topics - as well as one fully online master's degree (subject not described in English).

Per Wikipedia, URJC is a public university which was created in 1996. It has the Latin motto Non nova, sed nove ("Not new things, but in a new way").

Its headquarters are located in Móstoles, Spain, although there are also campuses in Alcorcón, Madrid and Fuenlabrada. There are over 17,000 students total.

Courses are delivered via WebCT.

The University of Name's main office is in Town, Country. Other campuses...

The university web site is at

The Virtual Campus web site is at

The university is a member of EFQUEL.

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