Professor Paul Bacsich

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Dr Paul Bacsich is Senior Consultant at Sero. He is currently Project Manager for the VISCED project (funded under EU LLP KA3) on "Virtual Schools and Colleges" (2011-12) which continues and extends the analytic approach of Re.ViCa into secondary and pre-tertiary education for the 14-21 age group and in particular is analysing national ICT initiatives for schools and colleges. He worked on the CAPITAL project for Becta, including as lead author of the report on "International issues" for ICT in education. He was Director of Research for the EU Erasmus Re.ViCa project on virtual campuses and wrote many reports for it. Formerly he was Professor of Telematics at Sheffield Hallam University and an Assistant Director of the Knowledge Media Institute at the UK Open University - he is currently Visiting Professor at Middlesex University. He is or has recently been advisor on e-learning to several universities in England, Wales and Sweden.

He was in 2009 in Brazil, 2010 in Mexico, Canada and Sweden and is due to spend time in Sweden and New Zealand in 2011 working on ICT in education.

He is also an expert on Critical Success Factors and the developer of the Pick&Mix system for benchmarking e-learning, widely used since 2005, most recently in institutions in UK, Sweden and Canada in the Distance Learning Benchmarking Club.

Selected publications:

See also "Quality in E-Learning: A view for ENQA" presented at the ENQA workshop on quality in e-learning, October 2009, Sigtuna, Sweden -

He is to be Project Manager for the POERUP project.