Professor Paul Bacsich

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Professor Paul Bacsich
Forename Paul
Surname Bacsich
Type Staff
Country United Kingdom
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Dr Paul Bacsich became a full-time consultant in April 2004. He now works partly for Sero Consulting Ltd and partly for his own company Matic Media Ltd. He is also Coordinator of the Open Education Working Group on a pro bono basis and an active mentor. His current interests are in leadership in e-learning, via the D-TRANSFORM project, a collaboration of French, UK, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian universities and research entities.

In his earlier career he was at the Open University for 24 years, finally as co-founder and Assistant Director of the Knowledge Media Institute. In 1996 he left to take up a professorship in the School of Computing and Management Sciences of Sheffield Hallam University. He set up and ran for three years the Virtual Campus Programme, and the Telematics in Education Research Group (TERG) from which he bid for and won many contracts in the general area of e-learning from JISC (costing and change management), Becta, DfES and Sun Microsystems. In 2005 he became a consultant to the HE Academy, first through the three phases of the benchmarking e-learning Programme, then for Pathfinder Phase 1 and more recently for the Gwella benchmarking and enhancement project in Wales, with recent responsibility for Glamorgan and Aberystwyth Universities. He has personally benchmarked over 20 universities and his team have benchmarked over 40. Benchmarking is now one of the core activities of Matic Media Ltd, with activities in England, Wales, Sweden and Canada.

During 2007-2009 he played a key role in the EU project Re.ViCa - Review of Virtual Campuses (in Higher Education and colleges).

In August 2007 he took up a part-time Senior Consultant role with Sero Consulting Ltd, working on a range of research and development contracts mostly for government agencies: Becta (CAPITAL project and others) but also with involvement in JISC (Libraries 2.0 and costs)and DCELLs (Wales). In 2010 he created, bid for, won and led the EU project VISCED (Virtual Schools and Colleges) which started in January 2011 and reported in February 2013 with a comprehensive range of documentation and policy proposals. As a follow-on he created (with Bieke Schreurs), bid for, won and now leads the EU project POERUP which started in November 2011 and reported in June 2014. He had specific responsibility for the HE policy aspects of this. Since POERUP he has worked on several other Open Education projects including SharedOER and ADOERUP (a study on OER in Adult Education).

Overall, he is currently working on a range of topics including benchmarking, quality, retention, cost-benefits, time, OER, 21st century skills, competences and other topics relevant to the new ICT-enabled broad-spectrum providers of education in the future.

In addition to his public work he consults for a number of international, government, commercial and university clients (including open universities) in topics including market/competitor/pricing research, policy, HE funding models and retention strategies. In August 2013 he co-led a workshop in Brazil for the leaders of private providers of HE.

Selected publications:

See also "Quality in E-Learning: A view for ENQA" presented at the ENQA workshop on quality in e-learning, October 2009, Sigtuna, Sweden -

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