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Professor Paul Bacsich is a consultant, working for Matic Media Ltd, active in benchmarking, change management and historical aspects of e-learning.

Benchmarking, Pathfinder and Enhancement Programmes

Paul was adviser to the following group of institutions who took part in the e-learning benchmarking pilot:

The first three usedPick&Mix and the last the eMM methodology.

In Phase 1 he was the team leader of BELA, overseeing the group of 18 institutions using Pick&Mix, ELTI and MIT90s.

In Phase 2, he was again the team leader of BELA, overseeing the group of 10 institutions using Pick&Mix and 7 using eMM.

For the Pathfinder Phase 1 programme, he is a Critical Friend to the Amoeba cluster and to the Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes network project.

In the Gwella Programme (funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales) he a member of the team of Critical Friends for the Enhancement Phase - Group 2 - and on overseeing the Benchmarking Phase - Group 2 - with Peter Chatterton.

Further information

Paul Bacsich is a consultant, working for Matic Media Ltd, specialising at present in benchmarking, costing, and historical aspects of e-learning - see for example his posting on the USOU and his work on the Wikipedia history of virtual learning environments.

He had a long career in universities including the Open University until he moved in 2003 into a mix of consultancy and management activity including a spell with the interesting UKeU - some outputs from that are elsewhere on the HE Academy site.

He is also Chair of the Publications Committee of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT), a member of the Steering Committee of Online Educa Berlin, and has advisory roles at Middlesex University and the Beyond Distance Research Alliance based at the University of Leicester.

In April 2006 he was appointed to the Commissioning Panel of the ESRC Technology Enhanced Learning Programme which in summer 2006 made its first allocation of awards and is soon to make its second. In June 2007 he served on the evaluation panel for bids in Digital Libraries and e-Learning for Framework 7 and has ongoing work as an evaluator for Framework 7.

Since October 2007 he has been workpackage leader of the Research Workpackage (WP2) of the Re.ViCa project, overseeing the collection of case studies and critical success factor analyses of Major E-Learning Initiatives (MELIs) in universities across Europe and beyond.

For other work see

Email addresses

The only current email address for Paul Bacsich in the public domain is Those in the benchmarking, pathfinder or Gwella programmes have access to another appropriate email address.

Please note that earlier institutional emails found for Paul Bacsich on the web do not work. These include:


Also see my blog.

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