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Periplus Home Education provides live, online teaching for young people aged 11-18. Students can choose to do a full taught curriculum, individual subjects at any level or intensive, short-term tuition prior to exams.

At Key stage 3 (11-14 years) the courses are based on the UK National Curriculum. At KS4 (14-16) the courses are based on the IGCSE syllabuses from Edexcel, assessed by final examination only. The portal provides a library of digital learning resources, archived recorded lessons and moderated forums for answers and advice. Online one-to-one tutorials are available at £30 per hour, but students can also pay extra to meet teachers face to face.

Based at the Paddington Academy, London, Periplus also offers solutions for Local Authorities and schools needing special provision for students aged 11-16 who are disaffected, excluded or unable to attend school for other reasons, potentially at lower cost than the authority could manage.

Group lessons are generally 40-60 minutes long. For private groups, the cost starts at £27 + £5 for each additional student. For the school groups one lesson a week for a year costs £240, though for IGCSE Maths there are 3 lessons per week, meaning the total cost would be £720 per year (36 weeks).

Periplus Home Education is also seeking expressions of interest to demonstrate the viability and sustainability of an application for the first state funded ‘school’ for home educated students. Using the new government legislation, they are currently engaged in consultation with government ministers and potential partners with respect to opening an Internet based, nationally available “Free School” for secondary age children, which, if successful, would open in September 2013. A critical step however, is an indication of the likely demand for such a school.

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