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The Università telematica Pegaso (Pegaso Telematic University) supports distance and fully online learning. It is based in Naples, Italy.

The Università Telematica Pegaso was established by Ministerial Decree in April 2006. It is described in promotional materials as both a private entity and an Open University (suggesting a need for further research).

The teaching methodology involves lesson plans consisting of learning objects (pieces of educational content) binding together multiple tools, materials and services. A student may receive: text-based lessons with bibliographical references, notes, etc..; slides (rich text, tables, images, graphics, etc..); audio commentary by the teacher; and video lectures. Courses are available in synchronous mode and / or asynchronous mode, and include online self-examination.

They offer several ECP (E-learning Center Point) around the country, distributors of knowledge and offer several tools, is the same than the university but smaller. The e-learning points are spaces endowed with self learning assisted, freely available, where the individual , with his needs, competences, expectations and motivations, becomes the first subject of the supply and the formative intervention; he, opportunely assisted and oriented, becomes the direct protagonist, once that the learning objectives and the choice of his own formative course have been defined.

The university web site is at

See Università telematica Pegaso (Italian) for the Italian language page.

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