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The Open Learning Foundation (OLF) is an association of universities (and some other organisations) in the UK active in open and flexible learning.

It was created at a time when Higher Education in the UK was starting to experience rapid expansion and the government was debating a policy to create more universities - and at the same time many educationalists were discussing learning techniques and how changes in learning would affect teaching patterns. These two events provided the catalyst to provide a cost-effective way to develop flexible learning materials and staff development in their use

It is a member of EADTU.

Its web site is at

For much more detail see


The following is believed to be the current membership (and see the page

  1. Anglia Ruskin University
  2. Blackburn College
  3. Brunel University
  4. University of Cumbria, formerly St Martins College
  5. University of Derby
  6. University of East London
  7. University of Glamorgan
  8. University of Lincoln
  9. Napier University
  10. Northumbria University
  11. Open University
  12. Robert Gordon University
  13. University of Salford
  14. Sheffield Hallam University
  15. Stockport College of Higher Education
  16. University of Teesside
  17. Thames Valley University
  18. University of the West of Scotland, formerly the University of Paisley

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