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oncampus is based at Lübeck University of Applied Sciences (LUAS), Germany. It targets both German- and English-speaking students with bachelor's and master's degrees. One of oncampus's primary goals is to improve e-learning uptake in Germany. oncampus programmes are available to students at associated universities nationwide.

According to the report cited below, oncampus acts as the e-learning department of LUAS, and employs e-learning professionals in technology, didactics, project management and marketing.

The oncampus web site is at http://www.oncampus.de/index.php?id=18&L=1


Courses are authored and delivered via in-house programmes and the Sakai open source tool.


See http://nettskolen.nki.no/in_english/megatrends/oncampus_Interview.pdf for a NETTSKOLEN Megatrends project survey on oncampus.

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