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Nettiperuskoulu is a distance learning school maintained by Otava Folk High School. Its purpose is to offer a possibility to accomplish basic education curriculum that for some reason has not yet been completed. Main target group are adults and younger people, who are beyond compulsory education age group and do not have a graduation certificate from basic education.

Nettiperuskoulu is an easy and flexible way to finish basic education. All previous credits can be accepted.

Students come from different age groups and different backgrounds. The most common reasons to start education at Nettiperuskoulu can be one of the following:

  • Student has not finished his/hers basic education. Only a few courses need to be completed in order to get graduation certificate - Nettiperuskoulu is an easy way to finish the lacking courses.
  • Student is at work and wants to complete basic education alongside. He/she may be a shift worker, so steady study hours are difficult to arrange. Flexibility in Nettiperuskoulu makes it possible to finish the lacking courses.
  • Student wants to start at upper secondary school. He/she sees that first he/she needs to upgrade skills of languages and math. At Nettiperuskoulu grades can be updated and thus support for future studies is offered.

Several workshops for unemployed young people also exploit Nettiperuskoulu as part of other functions. Basic education drop-outs finish their education while attending the workshop.


Basic education at Nettiperuskoulu consists of 44 courses. Subject are

  • mother tongue (usually Finnish) - 4 courses
  • Swedish - 6 courses
  • English - 8 courses
  • history and civics - 5 courses
  • math - 8 courses
  • physics - 3 courses
  • chemistry - 3 courses
  • biology - 3 courses
  • geography - 3 courses
  • religion or ethics - 1 course
  • optional: student counseling - 1 course

Previous credits can be accepted.

Each student has a personal study plan which is updated monthly. In average it takes two years to accomplish the basic education curriculum.

The learning environment for distance school is Muikku. In the learning environment are all course pages, learning materials, exercises and other tasks.

Teachers give personal feedback and grades to each student from their performance in each course. Grading scale is either numerical (4 - 10) or verbal. Each student also keeps a personal learning diary to evaluate and follow his/hers personal progress.

It is also possible to attend to optional face-to-face meetings at Otava Folk High School.

Study fees

Studying is free of charge for all students who do not have a graduation certificate from basic education.