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The NTI-school, the adult learner get teacherled distance education in everything from English and mathematics to Japanese and marketing. They can study from wherever they are, and get help from a real, personal teacher by phone or email every day.


The apply at their own municipality. They have over 150 courses in core subjects, general topics, IT-/media subjects and nursing topics. All can be read at 100, 50 and 25% tempo.

The course begin with great flexibility all year round. All courses are national, college preparation and student aid eligibility.

All material is sent to the student home address before the start of the course. This is a list of litterture and log in, individual study plan and instructions.

To Study

The students only need decent computer skills - simple web browsing, basic knowledge of word processing, e-mail.

They always have a textbook that to get through the course. They also use many other channels for learning: web pages, e-books, briefings and lectures on your computer, direct instruction by the teacher by phone.

They alsodo assessments tasks every week.

Theteacher will give feedback so they know how they are doing during the course and can develop in their studies. Verbal assessements are done on the phone. In the IT and media courses they do practical examinations that they send over the internet.