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By Barry Phillips, Sero

The NESA Virtual School (NVS) is a consortium of 24 Near East South Asia (NESA) Council of Overseas Schools member schools.

The NESA Virtual School Project is now in its tenth year of operation and has recently expanded from 19 schools to 24 and these are collectively part of the World Virtual Schools Project.

Its website is

Map of NESA Virtual School members schools

Further information

NESA Virtual School has recently migrated from Blackboard to an enterprise level Moodle solution.

Text below is taken directly from the website

NVS provides for each participating school a platform for blended learning, professional development, community communication, and (very importantly) emergency continuity of operations. It also provides for the NESA region a powerful tool for regional and even inter-regional collaborative initiatives, as part of the World Virtual School Network.

NESA Virtual School (NVS) is included in the VISCED 'Virtual Schools in Europe' section of the wiki because of the presence of schools in Greece. The majority of the schools listed by NESA are in Asia and the Middle East.


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