Medizinische Universität Wien

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The Medizinische Universität Wien (Medical University of Vienna, MUW) supports e-learning.

Its name is often shortened to MedUni Wien.

In 1365 the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna was established, while it transformed into the MedUni Wien in 2004.

The institution’s main office is in Vienna, Austria.

MedUni Wien has 8,500 students.

The university offers:

It also gives attention the student experience and views on web-based learning through for instance a survey.

A document from 2005 shows the eTeaching und eLearning-Strategy for their Medical eEducation Environment (m3e): m3e eTeaching und eLearning-Strategie an der MUW (PDF - DE)

The Medizinische Universität Wien web site is at

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