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Massachusetts Colleges Online (MCO) is a consortium of the 15 community colleges and 9 state colleges of the state of Massachusetts, US. These institutions use MCO to share online courses and programmes with students throughout Massachusetts and beyond.

There are roughly 25 participating colleges, e.g.:

  • The Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
  • Worcester State College
  • Westfield State College
  • Framingham State College

Most degrees are certificates and associate's degrees, though several bachelor's and master's degrees are available as well. The majority of online instructors are full-time faculty members at member colleges.

Massachusetts Colleges Online's main office is in Haverhill, Massachusetts, US. Participating institutions operate rather independently, however.

According to a recent WCET report, ~35,000-40,000 students are enrolled in online courses listed on MCO.

The Massachusetts Colleges Online web site is at

More details

MCO is partnered with state agencies, e.g. the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Department of Fire Services, to provide education for employees and associates. See for details about these partnerships.

MCO also offers Course Development Services and Learning Management System and Hosting.

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