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4 March 2023: Attention all users!

This wiki is now incorporated into the Open Education Wiki
Please use this from now on for all developments.

This wiki now functions only as an archive on the POERUP wiki 2011-22.

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Express links to outputs

  1. Final Report of POERUP
  2. List of Deliverables for POERUP (every Public Deliverable is listed and linked to the relevant POERUP file)
  3. POERUP Country reports (33 or more)
  4. POERUP Policies (policy proposals for selected countries including UK)
  5. OER and MOOC Maps and an overview report - see File:POERUP D2.1 edition 2.pdf and
  6. Open Education Initiatives (over 500 notable ones listed)
  7. $Lists of universities, initiatives etc - see also Continents
  8. List of Deliverables on Researchgate - the main intellectual outputs with fast access to them


> Public deliverables

POERUP (Policies for OER Uptake) was a project part-funded by the EU until the end of June 2014,
under the EU Lifelong Learning Programme Key Activity 3 ICT.

The final report was delivered to EU in late October 2014 and accepted on 22 January 2015

This wiki contains all the public outputs and working documents of the project, including Final Report and all Deliverables. It is curated by Paul Bacsich of Matic Media Ltd.

A useful set of summary pages on the POERUP project is at

Follow-on projects

  1. The related project SharedOER final report was published on 1 June 2015 by IPTS.
  2. The ADOERUP report was published on 15 October 2015 by European Parliament.
  3. The Policy Approaches to Open Education (PAOE) report was published in 2017 as a JRC Technical Report by the European Commission - see PAOE.


February 2020

Some care and maintenance work is being carried out by the Curator.

For earlier news from 2015 and before, see News

Other pages of interest

  1. Mega Map of all Open Education Initiatives - per-character searchable version at Mega Map Searchable
  2. Search for initiatives - with full Semantic search (specialists only) at Semantic Search
  3. Shortcuts to important pages
  4. (Curator only) Data entry forms - including Form:Enter person for People of POERUP
  5. For related and successor projects see Beyond POERUP

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  2. Other Publications
  3. Brochure
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